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  GSM/GPRS Modem

C39i Terminal 

C35i Terminal

C55i Terminal

C52i USB Terminal

C52i Terminal

C24i Terminal

C26i Terminal



RS232 Interface, SIEMENS / Cinterion  MC39i module.

RS232 Interface, SIEMENS / Cinterion TC35i Module.

RS232 Interface,Optional for mini USB and Dual RS232 Interface

Cinterion MC55i Module c/w TCP/IP Stick.

mini USB Interface, Cinterion MC52i Module.

Antnena, SIM Card Holder, Adapter,RS232 cable and etc.


  News for GSM Modem

New GSM Modem ready for sales

C52i GSM Terminal

C55i GSM Terminal

Size: 52mm x 52mm x 25mm


Dual Comport GSM Modem

mini USB port GSM Modem

Comport with Voice GSM Modem

Single Comport GSM Modem


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